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The Rondo EXANGLE® range of finishing sections for drywall applications are manufactured to assist contractors in obtaining a strong, straight, knock-resistant corner with a superior finish that lasts.

The EXANGLE Plasterboard Beads have been used in many leading projects to complete the wall and ceiling linings, such as City Square in Perth where our P50 Shadowline Stopping Angle was installed on 45 levels of the building.


  • Choice of perforated or Expanded profiles.
  • Nail holes on selected profiles for easy installation.
  • Minimum coating of Z200.
  • Made from 0.30-0.50BMT to provide ideal stiffness.

Exangle Components

EXANGLE Components

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The EXANGLE® Finishing Sections Installation Guide lists popular plasterboard profiles and details what applications they are suitable for – including Corner Beads, Stopping beads, Shadowline Stopping Angles, Rondo P35 Control Joint and Archway Beads. It is a convenient reference for most contractors and DIYers.
Finishing Sections Cover
The Rondo Professional Design Manual has been developed for industry professionals that require detailed technical information for design or installation of Rondo EXANGLE® Drywall Finishing Sections. It covers the application of all profiles and provides step by step installation details for Rondo External Corner Beads, Archway Beads and Control Joints.
Download the "EXANGLE Drywall Beads" part of the Rondo Professional Design Manual
The complete Rondo Professional Design Manual covers ceiling and wall systems, as well as complementary products.
Please note: the entire Manual is 250+ pages and is a 16.3MB download.