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Ensure Your Technical Advice Is from Qualified Engineers


It’s no secret that Rondo offers the very best technical advice from our own professional Engineers. All of whom are fully qualified with a minimum Bachelor Degree in Engineering, so that you can be confident in the designs we provide.

We guarantee that our in-house Engineers have completed the appropriate Engineering qualifications to offer you design advice and give you piece of mind that our systems are code compliant.

Unfortunately, we see designs and technical advice provided in the market from individuals who have no formal engineering qualifications. Just as it is important for surgeons to have formal training before they operate on patients, engineers should be fully qualified before offering technical advice on projects.


We ensure that our team of Professional Engineers are not only skilled in cold formed steel design, they are also well trained in applying the Australian and International Standards. Rondo designs to the current Australian Standards with all loading codes (AS/NZS 1170 series, including AS 1170.4), design codes (AS/NZS 4600) and more recently SA TS 101 for post-installed concrete fasteners.

Rondo also sits on many committees including the BD35 Standards Committee for the revision of AS/NZS 2785 Suspended Ceiling code, the AWCI Executive Committee, which represents the Wall and Ceiling Industry within Australia and New Zealand and the AWCI Technical Committee, which provides support to the Wall and Ceiling Industry within Australia and New Zealand for all technical matters.



In addition to our standard system details, such as those in our Professional Design Manual, we offer professional engineering support and advice in the design of non-standard ceiling and wall framing systems where specific wind pressure or seismic design is to be accommodated for. We can also assist with designs for difficult bulkhead construction as well as curved walls and ceilings. Similarly, assistance can be provided in situations where particular internal static pressures, lateral point loads, shelf loads, deflection or load-bearing requirements must be catered for in walls and ceilings.


Whether your project includes seismic, acoustic or fire-rating requirements, we offer a complimentary in-house design service for all projects where Rondo products are specified. This offer extends to all our systems and products for any application, where we deem it suitable. 

That's the level of support you can expect from Rondo, and this ensures your project is designed right the first time – it’s technical advice you can count on.

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