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The facts about our Render Beads that you need to know


The cement rendering of interior and exterior masonry surfaces has been around for centuries and although relatively unusual for interiors nowadays, it is still widely practiced for external surfaces. In the recent times the incidence of rust problems with inferior imported steel corner beads that are supposedly for exterior use has resulted in a lot of expensive rework on projects.

Looking the same doesn't make it the same.

Although some imported copies may look identical, only Rondo metal render finishing beads come with a full written warranty guaranteeing that the quality of the protective coatings used ensures the beads are fit for their intended purpose, whether used internally or externally.

A cheap copy may even feel sturdier than the Rondo product, but that is usually only due to the extra thickness of the metal used at the expense of a thinner surface coating, the coating that provides the protection.


Rondo EXANGLE® R01 and R02 Render Beads

Rondo Interior corner bead products (R01 & R02) have a zinc coating grade of Z275 which is the equivalent of 275 gms of zinc per surface square metre of steel.

This coating provides protection to the bead when installed indoors in dry conditions and is the industry standard for all internal wall framing components.


Rondo EXANGLE® SR02 Render Bead

Over the years Rondo has continually researched the best available stainless steel from which to manufacture corner beads for use in external cement render applications which resulted in Rondo’s SR02 Exterior Quality Render Bead being introduced in 2012.

This SR02 bead is produced to the same profile as the Rondo R02 Galvanised internal use render bead, replicating the 2.5mm nib radius, 60mm wing length to accept up to 25mm of render and a rolled nailing edge strip. The nailing strip enables quick and easy fastening which must always be with 316 grade Stainless Steel Clouts.

The SR02 product is made from the highly corrosion resistant 304 BA Grade Stainless Steel. This belongs to the "austinitic" stainless steel group and therefore non-magnetic making the Rondo product easily identifiable from inferior products.

SR02 is guaranteed not to rust under most environmental conditions except for excessive atmospheric exposure to chlorides (salt).


Rondo Warranty Guarantee

That’s why Rondo confidently guarantees the performance of its beads. Inferior copies simply cannot match the Rondo quality guarantee.

If you’re a contractor, ask for your copy of the Rondo Warranty where you buy your beads.

If you’re a builder, protect yourself and your client by insisting your contractor provides you with a copy of the Rondo guarantee.

The Rondo Warranty is your guarantee you are getting the real thing.

Rondo Warranty

The Full Rondo EXANGLE RT® Range

The Rondo EXANGLE Render and Texture range of profiles are designed to give you a clean, defined edge on straight or curved details for render and texture applications.

This includes external corners, exterior applications (specified products only), shadowline, edge capping, and control joints.