New Zealand


Our first offshore site officially opened in Auckland, New Zealand in 1993, building the foundation for further sites to come. This includes the recent opening our second manufacturing facility in New Zealand, with the opening of Christchurch in 2014.

Rondo New Zealand is a key market player, with distribution partners, Forman Building Systems servicing the commercial market and Winstones (GIB) supplying Rondo products into the residential market.

Rondo New Zealand has two manufacturing plants which produce some ceiling and wall system products, including those that are specifically designed for the New Zealand market, and the rest are imported from Rondo Australia.

As Rondo customers will be heavily involved in the rebuild of Christchurch (due to the 2011 earthquakes), Rondo opened a second manufacturing facility in Christchurch during 2014 to be able to deliver our products to customers faster and provide onsite technical support.


Wall & Ceiling Design Wizards

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