ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter

generic GBCA log 100pxThe Environmental Sustainability Charter is implemented by the Australian Steel Institute to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction and to ensure that the steel industry operates in an environmentally responsible way.

Being an ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter company, Rondo has demonstrated its commitment to the charter by following its ten environmental procedures.

In order to be a part of the ASI's Environmental Sustainability Charter, organisations must:

  • Have published a sustainability policy signed by the Manager.
  • Fully comply with the legislative requirements for environmental laws.
  • Be operating an environmental management scheme (EMS) and use of environmental impact assessment for process improvement.
  • Have an independent audit to the EMS completed annually.
  • Have measured energy, water and fuels use and have plans and targets for reduction.
  • Have measured its carbon footprint and have plans for its reduction.
  • Have established a preferred major sub contractor and supplier list with a selection criterion including good environmental practice.
  • Show use of environmental impact assessment for process improvement.
  • Have a policy to manage energy and vehicle fuel use in the business.
  • Have a policy to engage with the local community on local environmental issues.

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