DECC Sustainability Advantage Program


Rondo has been a member of this initiative run by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water since 2007. The aim of the program is for businesses to have a greater environmental performance by reducing risk, lowering costs, improving productivity and enhancing reputation.

Rondo gained entry by providing evidence of our environmental initiatives and our commitment to them. These initiatives include the Mission Zero program, recycling strategies of the new site, Senior Management’s involvement and the communication of environmental initiatives through in-house publications and tool-box meetings.

The Sustainability Advantage Program provides organisations with the expertise,
tools and training to:

  • Manage environmental risk and ensure compliance
  • Use resources more efficiently
  • Integrate environmental strategies with business planning
  • Measure their carbon footprint and manage their emissions
  • Enhance customer, supplier and community relationships, and
  • Engage and train staff to become an employer of choice

To learn more about Rondo's achievements and savings so far, click on the image below to read our 'Sealing Unsustainable Gaps' case study.

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