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Rondo now supplies specialised 'architectural' Access Panels which are made to order to suit specific projects.

This includes panels for hospital operating theatres with fully washable doors made from “Nema” board incorporating anti-microbial seals, or panels for high security facilities, such as prisons, that have galvanised or stainless steel doors and specialised locking systems.

Rondo also supplies Access Panels with doors to match perforated plasterboard ceilings, panels with smoke seals around the door perimeters and even panels which can incorporate specialised ceiling or wall finishes such as perforated corrugated sheeting.

Rondo recently supplied the Queensland Children’s Hospital Project with an Access Panel that was designed with a perforated door to match the perforated plasterboard ceiling, and therefore being less recognisable.

Each Access Panel is made to order with Rondo ready to look at virtually any finish our customers require and if possible, provide a quotation and lead time. All it takes is an enquiry to your local Rondo Sales Office or to your Rondo reseller.