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New Royal Adelaide Hospital: Part One Category: Latest News |


Rondo has continued to play a major role in supporting site contractor Brighton Australian in the  new Royal Adelaide Hospital (newRAH) project.  Rondo has been a major player in this project with our Technical Services Team providing extensive design support to meet the ‘Category 4’ requirements which includes specifications for seismic as well as providing designs for fire and acoustic requirements.

To date Rondo has provided the following products to the newRAH project:

92mm x 0.55BMT Stud - 63,460 lengths

92mm x 0.75BMT Stud - 60,720 lengths

92mm x 28mm x 0.50BMT Track - 60,720 lengths

92mm x 0.70BMT seismic Deflection Head Track – 35,000 lengths

92mm x 0.55BMT QUIET STUD® – 27,959 lengths

92mm x 0.70BMT Nogging Track – 15,470 lengths

newRAH has been a driving force behind many customised Rondo seismic designs and have influenced other hospitals developments to incorporate these ‘Category 4’ requirements into their designs.  

newRAH is due to be completed in 2017.