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How will the Rondo App improve your productivity? Category: Building Industry News |

How Will The Rondo App Improve Your Productivity



Do you want the power of the many Rondo wizards at your fingertips wherever you are? What about a list of products suitable for your next project on a portable platform? That, and much more, is what you'll get with the official Rondo App.

Downloaded over 13,000 times worldwide, you'll have the most comprehensive knowledge base of Rondo products on your smart device (both Apple and Android). It could make your next project plan a lot easier.

Why are mobile apps so popular?

According to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2015, there are around 15 million smartphones in Australia, with people collectively looking at them up to 440 million times a day. Research New Zealand found that 72 per cent of New Zealanders also had a smartphone, according to the Mobile Communication Devices Survey 2015.

That's a lot of people in just two countries that use mobile apps everyday, whether for communication, productivity or just fun.

What are you already using your smartphone for? What could you use it for in the future?What are you already using your smartphone for? What could you use it for in the future?

But the free Rondo App brings something different to the table - it's a database with a difference.

What's so great about the Rondo App?

The Rondo App can help tradespeople and engineers alike select the best steel building materials for their specific jobs. Along with simply figuring out what wall and ceiling systems will work best for your project, you can also quickly and easily calculate the maximum loads and spans of a particular design.

Other functions of the Rondo App include:

  • Finding the most economical wall stud system, as well as the second-most appropriate,
  • Measuring sweep angle, curve arc and radius of curved designs,
  • Locating the nearest distributor,
  • Estimating a quantity required for your project,
  • Accessing images and descriptions of over 250 Rondo products, and
  • Directly emailing distributors of the products (including quantities) for a quote.

Why not start using your smartphone as much as possible to make your job easier?

If you're a bit lost about where the nearest distributor is located, then the Rondo App can also direct you there using Google Maps. There's a lot this App offers, and whether you are a tradesperson, engineer or building developer, there's something in it for you.

With smartphones becoming almost ubiquitous, why not start using them as much as possible to make your job easier? The Rondo App has been designed to do just that, and if you really want to streamline the planning process, including pricing and ordering of steel building products, this is a must-have.

Download the Rondo App today from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store, or get in touch with the Rondo team to learn more about what its products could do for your project.