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Award winning project requires complex wall & ceiling designs Category: Latest News |

As part of the extensive former state bank refurbishment, construction of the new Macquarie Bank Headquarters has been completed at 50 Martin Place, Sydney.

Walls-50-Martin-PlBuilders’ Brookfield Multiplex, Contractors’ Sydney Projects and JPW Architects successfully constructed the $83 million award winning project. Their hard work and success was recognised with the project winning Australia’s top award for commercial architecture – the Harry Seidler Award.

Rondo has worked alongside Sydney Projects for around 20 years, and was called on again for 50 Martin Place as “Rondo has always offered quality products, engineering design support, and excellent customer service” says Tony Pagliuca from Sydney Projects.

Max Dessmann, Rondo’s Technical Sales Representative, worked closely with Tony to ensure the supply of Rondo Systems was timely and accurate, and Tony details this as one of the main ways Rondo really assisted on the project, explaining that there were “no issues with delivery, always in full and on time”.

Tony also credits Rondo’s design support saying that “technical support was extensive and comprehensive”. Max and Rondo’s Engineers assisted with design requirements for both walls and ceilings.

Ceiling-50-Martin-PlOn Level 1 of the building, Rondo produced a bulkhead design using Rondo Steel Studs to allow for penetration of the air-conditioning risers which required stud spacing of 1000mm, as well as incorporating MDF to provide support for a 20kg flat screen TV.

On the same level, a Plenum Wall Framing design had to achieve wall heights of 2188mm, withstand pressures of 0.6kPa, and make allowances for fan units. This was achieved using Rondo Steel Stud and Track installed to full height and it also allowed for the support a solid core door.

Rondo Engineers designed wall framing for other areas using Steel Stud and Track along with Rondo Top Hats to support 9mm CFC express wall and tiles to 50kg/m2. The design considered the most cost effective Stud, Stud spacing, and Top Hat size to suit the nominated tile loads, internal pressures, and wall heights.

A wall design to support the combination of a glazed wall and plenum penetrating wall, saw Rondo Engineers designing to accommodate glazing with a weight of 100kg/m2, wall deflection and impact loads of doors using Rondo Steel Studs, Tracks, and Deflection Head Tracks.

trafficable-ceiling-Martin-PlaceWhen it came to ceilings, Rondo designed a curved ceiling system on level 10 that used Rondo’s KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System with pre-curved Furring Channels, Steel Stud droppers as support bracing and acoustic mounts to meet acoustic requirements.

Steel Stud was also used in the design of a Trafficable Ceiling System in the kitchen area where the horizontal studs had to be trafficable and to support the 180kg/m2 loads for kitchen equipment.

The project was managed and executed extremely well by Sydney Projects, who worked closely with Rondo to ensure the walls and ceilings in the award-winning project were finished to the highest degree.