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How to create amazing curves using Flexible Track Category: Latest News |

By using Rondo Flexible Track, the most impeccable designs of curves and spirals were created at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), with its standout internal open staircase and bulkheads proving that the product is not just for curved walls.

The project was undertaken by Contractors, Ceiling and Wall Contractors in South Australia and their work on the visually stunning building won them a host of well-deserved awards.

Flexible Track for Staircases

The interior of SAHMRI features a large curved steel stair case of which, the spiral sides were formed with Rondo’s 76mm Stud and Track as vertical support and with Flexible Track capping the Stud to create the spiral curve effect.

Our Flexible Track section delivers unrivalled results, with perfect cap, top and bottom placement, framing the staircase’s flanking walls so that the curved lining board could be neatly finished. The plasterboard lining the sides of the staircase is supported by our Recessed Furring Channel which is curved around the stud work horizontally.

flexible wall track staircase

Flexible Track for Bulkheads

The SAHMRI building has extensive bulkheads around its entire perimeter at each level. The buildings curvy footprint requires the bulkheads to follow these curves, and the simplest way to form them was to install Rondo’s Flexible Track to the concrete soffits to follow the buildings shape, and to attach braced vertical 76mm Steel Stud droppers capped at the base with more Flexible Track. The framing formed a perfectly shaped base for the curved plasterboard sheeting.


Sizes and Availability 

Rondo Flexible Track is available to suit all of the standard Rondo Steel Stud sizes; 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm – and with the exception of 51mm, are available with a 50mm deep deflection head track size as standard, which offers improvements in strength and ease of installation.

Rondo 103 (51mm), 107 (64mm), 108 (76mm) and 109 (92mm) Flexible Track are standard, stocked products at 3000mm lengths and can be purchased from a Distributor in our Rondo Partner Network. Find the nearest one to you by clicking here. Other lengths are available as special, along with Rondo 110 (150mm) and can be ordered through our Rondo Partner Network, although lead times will apply.


Installation Details

When constructing curved walls, stud centres should be reduced to suit the plasterboard manufacturer's recommendations (see table 4). Rondo Flexible Tracks at top and bottom should be curved to match the specified radius and fastened to the structure through the holes provided in the web. Each fixing should be as near as possible to the stud point.

Studs must be fixed both sides through the holes provided in both flanges (refer to figure 30).

Care should be taken when tracks span between purlins as in some cases, strengthening may be required. Such as the bracing used in our bulkhead example at SAHMRI above.

Click here for Flexible Track 'Minimum Curving Radius' and 'Stud Centres for Curved Walls' details.


Wall Design Wizard

Ceiling and Wall Contractors in South Australia explained that they used Rondo’s Wall Design Wizards on our website to ensure several full height walls were achievable as specified and in some cases; the wall height had to be adjusted to match what was calculated on the Rondo Wall Design Wizard.

Other Support to SAHMRI

The visually stunning building also required assistance from Rondo’s Technical Services team in the design of external service walk ways of which, are subject to external wind loads. Additionally, Rondo’s team provided seismic designs for Rondo’s DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System.

In final stages of completion, the entire building was clad with a spectacular geometrically shaped glazing system, which now provides a striking addition to the Adelaide skyline. The $3 billion dollar, 25,000m2 purpose-built structure aesthetic ‘dia-grid’ façade adapts to its environment, becoming a living organism that responds to the position of the sun and is inspired by the look of a pine-cone.