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To be able to confidently offer technical solutions using Rondo Systems, it’s important that Distributors in our Rondo Partner Network  have as much information as possible about Rondo products and how they’ll meet their customers' needs …and that’s why we have developed Rondo Skills Training to teach our partners and their staff just that.

Rondo Partner Network Training Programs

When a customer enters the store and simply asks the benefit of using a Rondo product or system or when an installation question is raised, could you safely say that all your staff would know the answers?  If not, this is perfect for you and/or your team.

We’ve designed training programs that would be a benefit to all your staff , regardless of their knowledge level. The training covers basic product information right through to advanced technical details to solve specific onsite problems and will effectively help you to better educate customers and sell more product.

What does the training entail?

Rondo Skills Training consists of three modules and is FREE for our Rondo Network Partners.

Rondo Learning Online

Rondo Online Learning is an online learning tool that can be accessed from the Rondo website, anywhere in the world and only takes one hour to complete. This module offers a range of handy tips as well as answers to commonly asked questions.

On completion of the Rondo Learning Online module you’ll be able to:
• List the features and benefits of each Rondo system
• Explain the basic installation process for each system
• Learn how to respond to commonly asked customer enquiries and offer helpful solutions
• Be familiar with the Rondo technical resources available in our literature range and on our website

Rondo Online Product Learning

Rondo Skills 2: for Intermediate

For those of you looking to take the next step (and have completed our Rondo Online Learning module of course), Rondo Skills 2 for Intermediate is available at any of our Rondo Training facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland or Christchurch and is run by our Rondo Product Trainer, John Piepers.

If you’re looking for something hand-on and are familiar with Rondo products and systems, Skills 2 is the course for you, covering:

 Rondo Skills 2 Product Training

Rondo Skills 3: for Advanced

Rondo Skills 3 is the final module of the Rondo training program and is a mostly theory-based aimed at giving our distributors advanced knowledge of our systems.  It is designed for those of you who want to:

• Read and understand span and load tables for Rondo ceiling applications
• Read wall height tables for Rondo Steel Stud and Track Installations
• Interpret system requirements for architectural drawings
• Understand how sloped ceiling and bulkheads are constructed and more…

Skills 3 will equip your Sales Team with the knowledge to recommend Rondo products and systems to contractors for their next project


Rondo - helping to make your project better

Rondo Skills Training is just one way we help our partners grow their businesses. From teaching about the features and benefits of each product, to correct system applications and safe handling, these three training modules will give you a rounded understanding of why Rondo's steel wall and ceiling systems are best for your customers.

Sound like something you and your team could benefit from? Get in touch with Rondo today and register for their next available course...and see what it does for your trade store.