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Learn how Rondo assisted Albian Apartments set the Gold standard for design excellence

After selling out in 2014 (two years ahead of completion), Abian’s $240 million Luxury Apartments project, located at 140 Alice Street in Brisbane had a lot of hype to live up to and as of this year it has delivered.

After winning the contract for this 41-storey tower, Builder, Sunland and Contractor, North Australian Contracting set about constructing the contemporary residence.


To set the internal aesthetics apart from other similar projects being built in Brisbane, Wood Marsh Architects designed some jaw dropping gold ribbon ceilings that hover above the modern curved walls, which elegantly wrap around the lobby floor.

In saying this, perfection does not come easy and none of this could have been accomplished without Rondo’s technical expertise.

The main lobby ceiling was an installation challenge to achieve the required flicked ribbon design as the design dictated that the curves of the ceiling which gradually got smaller, with curved walls both sides at varying heights.


In order to make the Architects’ vision a reality, NAC installed extensive curved walls and feature curved ceilings on every floor using Rondo Flexi-Track for the steel stud framing, to simply form the curves.

Not only this, but due to the heavy stone tiles lining the bathroom walls, extensive technical design support was required to enable safe and secure installation of not only the stone tiling, but also the bathroom fittings. Luckily the outcome was spectacular.


Products Used

  • 15000 l/m Flexible Track used for wall framing: Rondo Flexible Tracks are used when when constructing curved walls. Rondo Flexible Track is available to suit all of the standard Rondo Steel Stud sizes– and with the exception of 51mm.
  • 80,000 l/m of wall framing consisting of 64 & 92mm Stud & TrackDesigned to be not only stronger, but safer, our range of Hemmed Stud and Track sections. Rondo Stud and Track Wall Systems are available to suit almost all situations, such as internal drywall partitions up to 10 metres in height, depending on the application.
  • Rondo QUIET STUD® Acoustic Stud System for acoustic walls, external wall and ceiling framing: Its unique design, combined with appropriate lining board systems, forms an effective buffer against unwanted noise to provide a cost-effective solution to acoustic control provisions.