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Rondo made the decision to adjust the length of our current 3600mm length Reveal Bead to a new length of 3700mm.
William Apartments 1

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We used our MAXIframe External Wall Framing System to provide a full design spec for the external façade that met wind load requirements at The William.

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A great space for learning has just been completed in the heart of Parramatta in Sydney’s Western suburbs.
StudTrack 20182

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Not sure how to read a Rondo chart? We have put together a step by step example below on how to read a wall chart but before we get started.

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There are many reasons why you should use our new Duplex® Stud System, here's 5 that will definitely impress you...

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Change is often inevitable in life and the same is true for our industry. Updates are made and better knowledge is acquired to ensure buildings are a safe place for occupants.