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Rondo Employee checking steel stud

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Our people are our greatest asset and our customers are our focus. See how using Rondo in your project gives you access to our years of experience.
Steel Blog 409x273

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Do you know how steel is manufactured? It is a much more complex process than you might expect.
Rondo Truck

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Take a look at what our supply chain team do, and how do they contribute to our overall operations. They're a vital cog in the machine, read more.
Top Hats Main

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What is exactly is a "Top Hat" in building terms and when should it be used in commercial projects?
Reveal Bead System 1000x750

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Do you know what a Reveal Bead is? Are you sourcing your products from an experienced manufacturer? Read our latest article to find out more.
Ceiling Batten System

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How using Ceiling Battens for installing plasterboard ceilings is better than directly fixing it to the underside of roof trusses or floor joists