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Reveal Bead System 1000x750

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Do you know what a Reveal Bead is? Are you sourcing your products from an experienced manufacturer? Read our latest article to find out more.
Ceiling Batten System

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How using Ceiling Battens for installing plasterboard ceilings is better than directly fixing it to the underside of roof trusses or floor joists
How Will The Rondo App Improve Your Productivity


Category: Building Industry News |
There's a mobile app for virtually everything out there, but what about for your steel building product needs? Rondo has the answer.
What Do Low Interest Rates Mean For The Construction Industry


Category: Seismic Wall & Ceiling Systems |
The official cash rates in Australia and New Zealand are both at record lows. What does this mean for the construction sectors in both countries?


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We've introduced two new Acoustic Hanger Isolators to better accommodate lighter weight ceiling systems


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Our Rondo WA office and distribution warehouse has made the move to 15 Glassford Road, Kewdale 6105.