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Facebook 2013


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Social media has changed the way people communicate on a day -to -day basis. What used to be a phone call that lasted five minutes is now an instant Facebook message that has a response virtually as soon as it is being posted.

foyer remodel


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Rondo Erskine Park recently underwent a facelift… not to panic – it was minor surgery and everyone came out looking fantastic. It was important for Rondo’s values to be represented throughout the building, specifically the importance of ‘our people’.

maxi nthshr


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Rondo provided internal and external steel stud walls, ceiling systems and accessories to the Royal North Shore Hospital
Manhole Info

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The Rondo range of lightweight Aluminium Manhole Frames have been added to complement the existing range of PANTHER® Access Panels.



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The Shangri-La Hotel in Mumbai is home to Rondo Steel Stud Wall Framing, Suspended Ceiling Systems, Shaftwall Systems and Finishing beads.