Rapid Drywall Grid System


Rapid Drywall Grid Ceiling 804x371

Rondo RAPID® is a light-weight grid system that is fast and simple to install and can be used in a variety of applications such as suspended or direct-fix ceilings, curved ceilings, bulkheads and wall applications.

The Rondo RAPID® Drywall Grid System is particularly useful in corridors where quite often services such as air conditioning ducts, electrical and data cabling, and fire sprinkler pipework, make it nearly impossible to install a suspended ceiling.

Not only can our RAPID® Corridors accommodate air conditioning services and light fixtures, it can also achieve spans of up to 1600mm without the use of suspension hangers, making it ideal for corridors and the like.

Within the system is a clip that allows seamless transitions between our RAPID® and DUO® ceiling systems, meaning that a switch from concealed grid and exposed grid can be easily achieved.

For your convenience, RAPID® primary components follow the same naming conventions of our DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System, such as RAP1 Main Tee and RAP2 Cross Tee which are similar to our DUO1 Main Tee and DUO2 Cross Tee.

Main Tee, Cross Tees and Wall Trims are all available in box packaging, making them easy to transport and carry, and RAPID® accessories come in either a box or bucket.

The Rondo RAPID® Drywall Grid System is a quick, simple and easy to install ceiling system which makes it a good choice for small rooms and corridors, however for more complex jobs requiring a concealed ceiling system that is fire-rated and available with acoustic and seismic designs, check out our KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System.


  • Light-weight concealed plasterboard ceilings
  • Direct fix or fully suspended applications
  • Curved plasterboard ceilings
  • Seamless transitions from a concealed to exposed grid system
  • Bulkheads, including multiple steps and curved
  • Corridors
  • Non-fire rated systems
  • Wall applications


  • Surface Finish: Z275 galvanised
  • Low profile with 38mm Wide Face
  • Integration with Rondo DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System
  • Simple Integration of services
  • Main Tee and Cross Tee clips have a secure connection and are easy to remove and relocate

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    PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MANUAL– Detailed Technical Information for Industry Professionals

    RAPID FrontCover

    Professional Design Manual

    Rondo Rapid® Drywall Grid System Design Manual

    The RAPID Design Manual has been developed for industry professionals such as yourself, to provide you with information of typical applications, including suspended and direct-fix ceilings, curved ceilings, bulkheads and wall framings.

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