Sealing Unsustainable Gaps

As part of the Sustainability Advantage Program, Rondo constantly looks for new ways to make its processes more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The resources available to Rondo through this program have made it possible for Rondo to focus on steps towards resource efficiency, minimising the carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable future.

Rondo has been a member of the Sustainability Advantage Program since October 2007 and in this time it has made some great achievements and savings. Some of these include:

Energy & Water:

Projected annual savings of $11,000 in 2009-10 in reduced electricity use

30% annual reduction in LPG consumption

Replaced six electric hot water heaters with solar gas booster

Energy efficient sensor lighting installed in administration and factory areas

Projected reduction in town water consumption by 50 per

cent by harvesting rainwater to flush toilets,urinals and water the onsite gardens.


Six cubic metres of paper and cardboard saved from landfill per week.


Recycling of all metals on-site

Increased paper and cardboard recycling from nil to two three-metre bins a week

Implemented the recycling of plastic strapping and shrink wrap from the site.

The Sustainability Advantage Program is a vital partner in helping Rondo develop a more sustainable business model and create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly workplace.

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Download the Sealing Unsustainable Gaps Case Study.

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