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• KEY-LOCK Concealed Ceiling System • DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System • Aluminium Grid Ceiling System• WALK-ABOUT Trafficable Ceiling System


• Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System • MAXIframe External Wall Framing System• QUIET STUD Sound Insulation• Shaftwall System

Finishing Sections

• EXANGLE Drywall Finishing Sections• EXANGLE Render & Texture Finishing Sections• EXTREME PVC Beads

Access Panels

Designed to achieve relevant acoustic and fire ratings, as well as offering a range of specialised architectural panels for prisons, hospitals, and other buildings.

Top Hats, Reveal Beads, Angles & Tools

We provide a variety of accessories to complement our wall and ceiling systems including top hats, reveal beads, steel angles, products suitable for speedpanel installations as well as tools.

Acoustic Assemblies

Our range of acoustic mounts complement our wall and ceilings systems, and together, have been tested to achieve relevant building codes with regards to airborne and impact sound performance.

Seismic Wall & Ceiling Systems

Our three seismic systems for wall and ceiling applications are strong enough to resist lateral forces during an earthquake and are designed to limit structural damage.

EXANGLE Drywall Finishing Sections

This range of metal drywall beads gives plasterers a clean, defined edge on straight or curved details for internal building board applications.

EXANGLE Render & Texture Finishing Sections

Designed for render and texture applications where a straight, defined edge is to be achieved, with finishing sections available for both internal and external installations.

Extreme PVC Beads

A plasterboard and render range of beads made from a high-quality PVC, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System

Light-weight steel stud and track drywall framing for internal plasterboard wall systems and specific external wall applications.

MAXIframe External Wall Framing System

This external wall framing system offers a cost-effective solution for light-weight steel framing when compared to traditional external wall construction methods.

QUIET STUD Acoustic Wall System

Its unique design means that it provides a more acoustic efficient wall system than a normal steel stud, and has a smaller footprint than alternative staggered stud installations.


A one-way erected wall system that is designed to encase lift shafts, stairwells and service ducting.

Panther Wall & Ceiling Access Panels

Designed to achieve relevant acoustic and fire ratings, as well as offering a range of specialised architectural panels for prisons, hospitals, and other buildings.

Rod Bender

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Tech Briefs

TECH BRIEF 86: WHI Suspension Rod Hanger Acoustic Isolators | July 2016

TECH BRIEF 85: White Primer Finish On Metal Faced Access Panels July 2016

TECH BRIEF 84: Plastic Budget Loc

Technical Bulletins - Archive

{jb_brownbox}TECHNICAL BULLETIN 66 - Rondo PANTHER SRAP with Feathered Edge

TECHNICAL BULLETIN 65 - Rondo P28 Plaster Stopping Angle

TECHNICAL BULLETIN 64 - Rondo 130 Rod Bender

Key-Lock Concealed Ceiling System

Offers a high-quality concealed ceiling system for both direct-fix or suspended ceiling applications using main metal components; top cross rail, furring channel and batten sections.

Duo Exposed Grid Ceiling System

Produced from steel, this exposed grid ceiling system is suitable for use with both acoustic and plasterboard ceiling tiles, and includes main tee and cross tee components.

Aluminium Grid Ceiling System

An aluminium alternative to the DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System, where main tee and cross tee intersection is a butt joint.

Walk-About Trafficable Ceiling System

This suspended ceiling system is designed to allow maintenance people to enter into the area above it.