Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System


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Rondo Steel Stud and Track sections provide a durable, practical and lightweight structure for internal plasterboard walls and for specific external wall systems.

Rondo Steel Stud Drywall Framing Systems comply with relevant Building Codes for fire-rated, acoustic and load bearing requirements.

The availability of various sizes, complementary components such as nogging tracks, curved tracks and special cleats ensure Rondo Stud and Track Wall Systems are available to suit almost all situations, such as internal drywall partitions up to 10m in height, depending on the application.

Suitable for

  • Non-load and load bearing (by design) partition walls
  • Steel Stud Ceiling Systems
  • Window and Door Jambs
  • Non-Fire Rated and Fire-rated Systems
  • Acoustic Wall Systems by design
  • External Wall systems by design
  • Light Weight Floor Joists
  • Bulkheads

Special Features

  • Available in custom lengths.
  • MAXIframe External Wall Framing System made from 1.2BMT G500.
  • Majority of Stud and Track is hemmed for safety and increased strength.
  • Flexible Track available for curved walls.
  • Manufactured from BlueScope Steel with a minimum coating of Z275.
  • Profiles widths range from 51 to 150mm, and gauges from 0.50 to 1.15BMT.

Steel Stud Components

Stud Components

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PRODUCT INSTALLATION AND DESIGN MANUALSQuick Reference Product Guides – Suitable for most Contractors & DIYers

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Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System

Guide in English

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Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System

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PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MANUAL– Detailed Technical Information for Industry Professionals

Professional Design Manual

Steel Stud & Track Wall Framing System

For design or installation of Rondo Steel Stud and Track Wall Framing Systems, including Wall Tracks, Wall Studs, wall to ceiling junctions, Noggings, Staggered Stud System, Curved Walls, Bridged and Acoustic Chase Walls.

Professional Design Manual

Covers ceiling and wall systems

The complete Rondo Professional Design Manual covers ceiling and wall systems, as well as complementary products.

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