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Australian and New Zealand Standards are necessarily tough - but our quality control system is even tougher.

That's why every Rondo product not only meets, and often exceeds, all relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards; it also complies with all of the necessary Building Codes.

But don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself by watching a video showing the testing of Rondo product

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001

As a market leader, we have a reputation for uncompromising quality and total code compliance and having Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001 is evidence of this. Lloyd’s Register is an internationally recognised quality management system standard and Rondo has been certified for ISO 9001 through thorough analysis and assessment by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance since June 1993.

Having a quality management system that is certified provides Rondo with a competitive advantage against uncertified companies and is a clear demonstration of our commitment to quality. Contractors, by working with ISO 9001 certified companies can be assured they are receiving the best products, processes and service quality.

In order to gain certification, Lloyd’s assessed the scope, implementation and effectiveness of Rondo’s management system and processes. The thorough assessment includes:

  • Performance monitoring, measuring, reporting and reviewing against objectives and targets
  • Internal auditing and management review
  • Analysing operational control
  • Assessing Rondo’s management system and performance with regards to legal compliance
  • Analysis of the links between the requirements of the standard and Rondo’s policies, performance, objectives and targets.
  • To ensure that Rondo’s management system remains effective, Lloyd’s follows up on Rondo’s progress at regular intervals. This helps Rondo deliver continual improvements, remain certified, maintain the level of quality needed and essentially; provide the best products and service quality possible.

That’s why, with all our products, you get the extra protection of our complete Rondo Warranty that guarantees performance to specifications when installed correctly.