Duplex Internal Stud Framing System


Rondo DUPLEX is one Stud that does the job of two.

It’s perfect for door openings and glazing in internal wall framing applications where you typically need to install a boxed stud configuration. Less products to install means much quicker installations, delivering you with the all-important labour cost savings.

It can also be used as a Wall Stud where the use of standard Steel Studs would require installation at closer centres. In this application, our DUPLEX Stud® provides additional load capacity and reduces not only the material cost but labour cost as well.

Partnered with new Fixing Brackets and existing medium gauge Slotted Deflection Head Track, the Rondo DUPLEX Stud System® is the perfect addition to the Rondo family of Wall Framing Systems.


  • Replacing single boxed stud to support door frames
  • Internal glazing and door jambs
  • Access openings for services within the wall framing
  • Internal Load Bearing Walls by Rondo Engineered Design
  • Incorporation into standard Rondo narrow flange steel internal wall framing


  • Greater load capacity than standard narrow flange wall systems negating the necessity for boxed or back to back configurations or the reducing of Stud centres
  • Integrated with the Rondo medium gauge Slotted Deflection Head Track providing better, positive connections
  • Like all Rondo Steel Studs, DUPLEX can be manufactured in custom lengths to suit your project
  • DUPLEX Studs are made from G2 grade steel for optimum cost efficiency
  • DUPLEX Studs are made from steel with a minimum gal coating of Z275
  • Higher walls can be achieved before noggings are required
  • Central rib on fixing flange allows for vertical alignment of wall linings

Duplex Stud Components

Duplex Stud System Components

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PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MANUAL– Detailed Technical Information for Industry Professionals


Professional Design Manual

Rondo DUPLEX Stud System® Design Manual

The DUPLEX Stud System® Design Manual has been developed for industry professionals such as yourself, to provide you with information of typical applications, including glazing and internal wall framing application.

Note: The Rondo DUPLEX Stud System® is for internal use only and has been designed as a conventional drywall framing system. The information contained in this manual is of a general nature and is therefore based upon typical internal requirements.

In addition to the details herein, Rondo can prepare an Engineered Solution, utilising the Rondo DUPLEX Stud System® for a specific project or application, such as inter-tenancy walls in high rise apartment buildings which are required to accommodate higher internal design pressures.

In this instance, the specification provided by our engineers is tailored to the specific project and considers all facets of the framing requirements, and supersedes the general details within this manual.