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Rondo Warranty

All of Rondo’s products are guaranteed by the Rondo Warranty. We know as a market leader, we have a reputation to uphold - a reputation for uncompromising quality and total code compliance, backed by our technical expertise and the strength of BlueScope Steel.

That's why we can guarantee that all of our products will perform to our exacting specifications. And we put it in writing with the Rondo Warranty.

That's the confidence you get when you buy a genuine Rondo product. It's the peace of mind you need to rest easy and know you're covered.

Click here to view our promise to you on all components manufactured or approved by Rondo for use in Rondo Systems.


Mixing of Systems

The issue of mixing components produced by different systems' manufacturers in a suspended ceiling or drywall installation is of concern in the construction industry, as attention to onsite safety and systems performance increases.

Our ceiling and wall systems are designed to meet the relevant standards and codes applicable to all construction projects in Australia. Systems have been tested to meet the requirements of those standards and codes by independent testing authorities and the manufacturers. Framing components used during testing procedures are those produced by one manufacturer, as the components are designed to perform as a system.

Differing design criteria and production tolerances can mean the components may not perform as intended.