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Quality Steel and Design Solutions Behind Australia’s Best Buildings

For over 58 years we’ve been providing high-quality lightweight steel and complex design solutions for Australia’s most iconic buildings. This includes walls and ceilings for the internal fitout of the building, as well as external walls, facades, and soffits.

As good design practice starts with understanding the local conditions, products, and compliance requirements, we’ve built a team of qualified Engineers in Australia who are not only experienced with cold-formed steel design, but are also well versed in the application and use of Australian Standards.

Our wall and ceiling design solutions are available for projects where specific wind loads, seismic actions, and internal pressures need to be accommodated, as well as technical assistance with complex bulkheads, curved walls and ceilings, and attachment of heavy FF&E.

Here are some recent examples of how we’ve manufactured quality lightweight steel and provided complex design solutions to achieve amazing wall and ceiling finishes on some of Australia’s best buildings.

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