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Prefabricated Frames a Crowning Glory for the Queen of Brisbane


Brisbane is preparing to become a serious contender on the international stage as a world-class tourism, leisure, and entertainment destination with the development of Queen's Wharf.

This immensely challenging project is a leading example of how Rondo's extensive design support, in conjunction with our innovative products, provides incredible solutions to complex issues directly to the architect, builder and contractor seamlessly along the project timeline, and as unexpected complications arise.

With an incredible signature ‘arc’, Architects Cottee Parker designed the stunning $3.6b integrated resort development, transforming the underutilised riverside space into a breathtaking mixed-use oasis of residential apartment towers, premium hotel brands, a casino and retail spaces.

Engaged in the project since 2017, Rondo representatives took on the early challenge of solving complex structural issues that flowed into the lightweight steel systems, providing extensive design support to architects Cottee Parker, Builder Multiplex, and multiple contractors across different parts and stages of (on-going) construction.

As part of our commitment to ensuring a clear understanding of compliance across key players, we conducted site-specific workshops for on-site service trades to assist in providing support and reinforcement of interpretation of designs, to ensure compliant construction.

Contractor Superior Walls and Ceilings was involved in construction of the extensive external soffit framing, bulkhead, and external wall framing of the Podium area.

Among the many complex soffit designs completed on behalf of the contractor by the Rondo design team, a major highlight in the successful design-to-construction process was the installation of the extensive vaulted soffits of the podium area.

Our design solutions included the specification of cutting-edge products that made a (normally complex) installation, much easier and faster, whilst achieving the stunning architectural design of the curved ceiling.

This included a specifically designed braced rail system to achieve high wind pressure and to meet seismic requirements. Top Hats were then attached to the braced rail system to create the Vaulted Soffits. An astounding 16km of Rondo Top Hat Steel was radiused and delivered by Rondo to site, ready for installation. 

Rondo also custom-designed and delivered our SMART-WALL® prefabricated soffit frames to site, that were produced and assembled at Rondo’s prefabrication facility in Yatala, QLD. This included specifically designed panels to cater for recesses lights and other penetrations. The Prefabricated Soffit Frames enabled Superior Walls & Ceilings to significantly reduce on site installation times and achieve construction timelines.

Prefabricated frames were also used to construct the “wings” attached to the underside of the elevated walkways. Situated in an area of high wind loads, these wings were strategically designed to not only reflect the architectural design, but also create added strength to resist the wind forces.

The complexity of the design meant that it would be difficult for contractors to build the framing on site. To ensure uniformity and ease of installation, Rondo prefabricated the framing in lightweight panels, which were quick and easy to install, even at heights.

Designed and built with precision, the frames interconnected perfectly, to produce a seamless, and uniform finish, making them a more superior alternative to the original idea of Gypsum reinforced concrete (GRC).

Specifically designed movement joint panels were also manufactured to allow for expansion and contraction of the wing panels where the bridges joined to the main podium structures. This ensures that no structural loads are applied to the framing and lining panels, to effectively mitigate any cracking of joints.

We are proud to be involved in the construction of Queens Wharf, where we have had the opportunity to apply Rondo product and service offerings at the most complex level.

“The real feature, heart, and soul of this project is the William Street Soffit framing constructed by Superior Walls & Ceilings. The Superior site team has tackled this project head-on with Joel Creevey as Project Manager, leading the charge and assisting Rondo with design input. The Superior team adopted the Rondo SMART-WALL soffit system in certain zones which was a first for their team, and their extensive experience and eye for detail allowed them to use this system to their advantage. It overcame several site obstacles and allowed a smooth transition from design to installation on site. Well done to Superior Walls & Ceilings”

- Ory Yaxley, Commercial Account Manager


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Keep an eye out for the next issue of our insider magazine where we will continue to share the innovative solutions provided by Rondo as construction progresses on Queens Wharf Brisbane!



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Architect – Cottee Parker

Builder - Multiplex

Contractors – Superior Walls & Ceilings 


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