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CSR is not only one of Rondo’s recommended plasterboard suppliers, but they also hold 50% share of the company along with Knauf.  

Rondo takes immense pride in its collaboration with CSR, as together, they unite their expertise to offer innovative integrated ceiling and wall systems featuring steel and plasterboard, enhancing the architectural landscape of Australia.



Our History

Rondo and CSR share a rich history dating back to the 1970s, and over the years, this collaborative alliance has flourished, propelling both companies into prominent positions as industry frontrunners for building materials.

CSR Redbook

The Red Book has earned a renowned reputation in the industry for its technical information and details. It provides information on fire, acoustics, and thermals for a large variety of wall and ceiling systems, enabling architects, engineers, and other design professionals to make informed decisions in their daily design work.

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