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Jewel in the Crown of Sydney MAXImised with Rondo Steel


A symbol for the city of Sydney has emerged with the breathtaking completion of Crown Towers Barangaroo, the prestigious new home of Crown Residences and hotel suites. A sculptural landmark rising majestically into the city skyline, Crown Towers Barangaroo amplifies the lively energy and glittering vibrancy of the Sydney City waterfront.

The $2.2 Billion project, made possible with the assembly of a global team of architects from Italy, the UK, and Australia, pushes architectural boundaries which required Rondo's unrivalled design and support expertise, proving an excellent example of our ability to provide world leading systems and solutions in the most ambitious projects.

In 2013, architects WilkinsonEyre won an international design competition for the new home of the Crown Hotel, creating a high-quality landmark design with a concept that takes its inspiration from nature. The towers form emanates from three petals that twist, rising together to create the sculptural and elegantly curved geometry of the building. The twist of the building created a unique aspect, shape and column placement of each floor which created quite a challenge for building engineers who approached each floor as if they were individual projects calling for cutting-edge technology and a bespoke approach.

The 275m tall, 72-floor development currently holds rank as the tallest building in Sydney, housing 82 luxury residences, a six-star hotel with 349 rooms, a plethora of indulgent amenities and premium services.

The scope of Rondo’s work included internal seismically rated walls and ceilings for levels 33 through to 47 and levels 51 through to 65. This included design assistance for Internal walls, shaft walls, feature stone walls TV support and FFE support.
A true trophy project for Rondo, this is one of the largest in Sydney to date which showcases Rondo’s expertise in Seismic and Acoustic-Solutions for Walls & Ceilings, and bulkhead designs.

The Rondo Design Team provided seismic designs for all Walls and Ceilings including a KEY-LOCK® ceiling bulkhead design. Rondo designed the bulkhead to accommodate different ceiling sizes by providing the maximum room size with bracing at different centres. This flexibility provided a compliant and economic solution to suit the run size.

Rondo’s MAXIjamb® in 150mm and 92mm were featured heavily in a myriad of applications in this project including cladding around columns, internal ceilings supporting high lighting loads, bracing structural components for large door and internal openings, large single spans for internal ceilings and high internal stud wall partitions.

MAXIjamb® can support and carry a greater load than regular studs, removing the need for boxed or back-to-back stud configurations. The greater performance capacities and custom lengths made MAXIjamb® ideal for these applications.
Stone is a heavily featured material with 80+ natural stone types showcased in over 85,000 sqm of the building, sourced globally from Italy, Greece, and China.

Stone cladding installations were made possible in shaft wall areas with the help of Rondo's SHAFT-WALL®. A Steel Stud was developed to be used as a shaftliner on the shaft side of the wall. The shaftliner was installed into the E and CH studs from the plasterboard side which allowed for the attachment of plasterboard and stone cladding.

Rondo also designed angled walls that could assist in accommodating stone cladding, with installation possible while the cladding bearing is on the ground. Our dedicated engineers provide solutions to meet the designs of prestige feature is just one example of the advantages of using the Rondo Design Team.

We are proud to have Rondo products and services involved in this complex, and majestic project that has earned its position in the iconic Sydney skyline.


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