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We have developed industry-leading Seismic Wall and Ceiling Systems that cover our Steel Stud Drywall Framing System as well as DUO and KEY-LOCK Ceiling Systems.

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Every component has been tried and tested at Rondo and at an independent laboratory in New Zealand by our Seismic research team.

The Rondo Steel Stud Seismic Wall System is designed to allow movement along the wall and provide flexibility at wall junctions due to deflection occurring from a seismic event.

To allow movement along the stud wall, Rondo has developed the Seismic Slotted Deflection Head Track. The head track fixing slots allow movement of the wall, therefore providing articulation of the wall panel, and preventing cracking at the wall junctions.

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Our KEY-LOCK® Seismic Ceiling System uses Top Cross Rail and Furring Channel as the main grid components, along with accessories such as our new Heavy Duty Wall Track.

Depending on the room size and seismic loads, we will design either a perimeter fixing or plenum bracing option for your project.

Seismic forces are transferred to either perimeter restraints or plenum braces, which is achieved using our two new Seismic Joiners for Top Cross Rail and Furring Channel.

For large open areas, our KEY-LOCK Seismic Ceiling System is braced, with sliding connections to all perimeters. This allows seismic loads to be transferred from the ceiling and through the braces, to the supporting structure.

We've made life easy by developing Seismic Wizards that will design Rondo Seismic Ceiling Systems for you and it also provides you with a seismic design summary sheet that is easy to understand.

But of course, we also have a whole team of Technical Representatives and Engineers who can handle technical enquiries and provide seismic design advice for your project. For more information on our Design Support, click here.







Earthquake Bracing Duo

Our DUO® Seismic Ceiling System uses DUO1 Main Tee and Cross Tees as the main grid components, along with complementary accessories.

The Rondo DUO Seismic Ceiling System has the options of perimeter fixing or plenum bracing.

For large open areas, the system is restrained by evenly distributed braces in the plenum space, with sliding connections to all perimeters. Perimeter restraint is achieved using our new DUO® Seismic Sliding Clip which allows the main grid components to either be rigidly connected or slide within the clip.

Try out our Seismic Wizards to see design details for the Rondo DUO Seismic Ceiling System and nominated seismic loads. Its fast and simple to use and provides you with a handy seismic summary sheet that you can print or email.

Advantages of Rondo Seismic Wall & Ceiling Systems:


  • Complete wall and ceiling seismic system solution
  • Strong enough to resist lateral forces during an earthquake
  • Will limit the structural damage of the systems
  • Accommodates differential movements resulting from inter-storey movements
  • Prevent tiles and lining boards from dislodging and blocking evacuation paths
  • Will support critical services after an earthquake
  • Protects the safety of all building occupants



In Practice

Our Engineering team has designed Rondo Seismic Wall and Ceiling Systems for major projects across Australia and New Zealand. Our Seismic Systems have recently been supplied to the New Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia, Clyde Quay Wharf in Wellington, and the New Children’s Hospital in Perth.

Other completed seismic projects include the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute where we supplied our DUO® Seismic Ceiling System; Taranaki Base Hospital where we designed an internal wall framing system; Lambton Square, which required bracing over numerous levels and varying planes; and Kilmore St Medical Centre which needed seismic designs for walls and ceilings.

Seismic Testing Program:

Sesimic Shake table

Rondo's seismic testing program consisted of component testing at Rondo's Head Office, followed by full scale testing at an independent laboratory in New Zealand. Our component testing was conducted to determine critical loads and behaviour of our systems to further develop their ability to withstand loads generated through seismic events up to the magnitude of a 1 in a 1500 year event.

We chose to conduct full scale testing at an independent laboratory due to their experience and dedicated team of Engineers. Our research team also consisted of Consulting Engineers based in New Zealand and our own Rondo structural engineers. Together we were able to develop Wall & Ceiling Systems to be tested on the shake table to establish the seismic behaviour and were able to model interstorey movement to replicate seismic activity. Following this, our research team also conducted full scale testing where the interaction of the walls and ceilings were considered.


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