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Top Hats & Cleats

We produce a wide range of Top Hats for a variety of uses including internally or externally and on vertical fascias and soffits. Top Hats are often used where there is a higher wind loading or where heavy duty sheeting is to be installed.

Our Top Hats come in both medium gauge (0.75bmt) and heavy gauge (1.15bmt), two different face widths, 50mm and 75mm, and four different depths, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Each Top Hat is manufactured from G200 Z275 Gal Steel.

We also produce a range of complementary fixing cleats that enable the adjustable fixing of Top Hats to steel or masonry/concrete substrates as well as to steel stud framing, allowing for plumb or leveling of the cleat to the structure and of the Top Hat onto the cleat as shown in the Design Manual.

Some facade systems require the installation of Top Hats vertically and there will be occassions where steel studs do not coincide with the Top Hat spacing requirement. 

For Top Section Dimensions, Serviceability Limit State Load Tables and Ultimate Limit State Load Tables, click here.

Steel Angles & 'C' Channel Components

We have a range of Steel Angles available, including heavy duty and slotted angles.

Heavy Duty Steel Angles suit both lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete panel systems (AAC) and steel framing requirements for facade systems. They can be used to strengthen internal corners of façade systems, in the construction of bulkhead framing or in a variety of situations requiring bracing or stiffening.

Our Slotted Steel Angles can be used for head and base fixing for AAC panel systems.

We also produce 'C' Channel components that are designed for use with Speedpanel products and also offer Double-punched Nogging Track that is suitable for back-to-back configurations for Rondo Steel Stud or MAXIjamb®.


  • Wide variety of Top Hat profiles to suit most external and internal applications and can be installed either vertically or horizontally
  • Top Hats and Heavy Duty Angles are manufactured from G200 Z275 Galvanised Steel
  • Heavy Duty Angles are available in 0.75 and 1.15bmt steel thicknesses
  • Reveal Beads are cold rolled from 0.9mm Zincanneal steel for strength
  • Reveal Beads are UV-resistant to withstand harsh UV rays without cracking or breaking down
  • Rondo Rod Bender can bend up to 3 rods at one time to the required 30° angle for suspended ceiling applications







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PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MANUAL– Detailed Technical Information for Industry Professionals


Professional Design Manual

Top Hats, Reveal Beads, Angles & Tools

For design or installation of Rondo Top Hats and Cleats, Reveal Beads, Steel Angles, products for Speedpanel and how to use our Rod Bender.
Rondo Professional Design Manual

Professional Design Manual

Covers ceiling and wall systems

The complete Rondo Professional Design Manual covers ceiling and wall systems, as well as complementary products.
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