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Save time, effort and stress with Rondo’s CPD Presentations, now available for Architects.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is classified as any learning that enhances an Architects knowledge and skills within the profession for the advancement of architecture, society and environment.

We know how much effort it can be acquiring the formal points needed to maintain your qualifications. That’s why, as part of our ongoing commitment to training, Rondo has become a registered CPD Point course provider in Australia (as accredited by AIS and AIA).



Seismic Design for Internal Wall Partitions and Suspended Ceilings:

Online Webinar: Friday, September 22nd 2022, 12 pm AEST

Learn more about the importance and influences of seismic design within internal wall partitions and suspended ceilings, guided by the design procedure for Australia.



External Non-Load Bearing Wall and Façade Framing Systems

Online Webinar: Thursday, August 25th 2022, 12 pm AEST

Design consideration and the benefits of lightweight steel in external façade based upon an interpretation of efficiency and requirements of building standards.


Meet the Presenter - Riza Balbuena











Riza Balbuena is the National Architectural and Specification Manager here at Rondo Building Services, and has a strong proficiency in designing, specifying, and implementing lightweight steel solutions for health, education, defence, and commercial developments.

Riza’s 20+ years of experience in the construction industries of Australia, New Zealand, and The Philippines includes a solid background in architecture and technical capacities, including specialties such as specification documentation, product training and technical hands-on approach to projects providing an outstanding implementation which her clients have come to rely on.

Riza holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture and AutoCAD Level 1 and is a proud member of National Association of Women in Construction – VIC, and Women in Design and Construction.

Riza has notably worked with companies including Hilti Group, ITT Corporation, Allegion (previously known as Ingersoll Rand), and USG Boral.




2022 Online Webinar CPD Presentation Dates:

25 August 2022, 12 pm: External Non-Load Bearing Wall and Façade Framing Systems

22 September 2022, 12 pm: Seismic Design for Internal Wall Partitions and Suspended Ceilings

Who should attend?

  • Architects who want/need to expand their design skills and understand practical methods for external facades and the use of lightweight steel
  • Architects who require formal CPD Points
  • Architects who are looking for design solutions that offer project efficiencies

During the one hour Rondo CPD Presentation, we will take you through one or two major projects, explain the briefs, and detail on how the system solved intricate technical designs and provided onsite efficiencies.

Both projects benefited from using lightweight steel in the construction of external wall framing. This includes greater wall heights, ability to meet wind load requirements and quicker installations reducing labour time on site and offering significant cost savings to these projects.

Not only that, for your convenience, we can conduct a CPD Presentation at your office or local Rondo site or via an online webinar. 

After you have completed the course we will present you with a Rondo Certificate of Achievement, which has been approved by both AIS and AIA.

When it comes to updating your CPD points, with Rondo you can’t lose. All you have to do is register today and we will do the rest.


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