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Concealed the 'Creek' with Rondo Key-Lock®


Designed by Cameron Chisholm and Nicol Architects, RAAFA Bull Creek is a 7-storey retirement living complex with 57 apartments and a ground floor clubhouse facility. The project was commissioned to meet increasing demand in retirement living, with Rondo engaged to provide internal and external Wall systems, Ceilings, Finishing Beads and Top Hats.

Contractor, Metrex Wall and Ceiling Specialists, engaged Rondo in the early stages of the build to ensure the project achieved a detailed and high-quality finish. Rondo’s Technical Design Team provided internal wall designs, which required a wall framing solution that could support the loads required for the floating vanities installed on the ground floor. To achieve this, Rondo boxed 92mm 0.55bmt Steel Studs were installed at 450mm centres with 1 row nogging as per Rondo Engineered Design #6055-19-003.

As for the external walls, Rondo provided external wall and opening design #6055-19-001a for wall heights of up to 4 metres. This was achieved using 92mm MAXIframe® members in conjunction with heavy gauge 92mm 1.15bmt studs. Centres varied based on wall heights and wall location. Then sealing corners with Rondo P01, P26 and P50 Exangle Beads for internals. These were particularly useful for the feature wall and ceiling locations.

The project needed to achieve specified fire-rating requirements which led to Rondo’s fire-tested ceiling system, KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System, to be selected as the ceiling system installed throughout the building. KEY-LOCK® is our most popular and superior ceiling system as it is suitable for fire-rated applications, as well as being able to achieve acoustic and seismic requirements – it’s an all-round high performing system. While Rondo H535 Top hats were installed to support the External Equitone Cladding.