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Introducing our latest member to the Acoustic Wall Stud family


Our new medium gauge 0.75BMT QUIET STUD®

At Rondo, we believe good acoustic control begins with good acoustic design. Since our QUIET STUD® Acoustic Stud System was introduced in 2004 it has quickly demonstrated to be an economic and practical way of achieving the acoustical requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).

And given its popularity, we knew it was time to offer you a more comprehensive selection and have introduced a medium gauge 0.75BMT QUIET STUD® to our Acoustic Wall Stud range.

Subject to rigorous acoustic testing at both CSIRO Acoustic Laboratory in Melbourne and Auckland University Acoustic Laboratory, QUIET STUD® has proven itself beyond a doubt.

As originally referenced in the Rondo Acoustic, see test data p.12, the Rondo QUIET STUD® was tested to meet NCC requirements of Rw 50 & Rw + Ctr 50 for Continuous Construction in Class 1, 2 & 3 Buildings and Rw 45 for Class 9c.

Testing found that the increased metal thickness allowed for greater wall heights to be achieved without loss of acoustic efficiency when using 2 layers of 13mm fire-rated plasterboard on both sides and infilled with 100mm Glasswool Insulation at 14kg/m2 achieves Rw + Ctr 50, giving you even more reason to use our QUIET STUD® in your next acoustic design.

The new 0.75BMT QUIET STUD® will be available in 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm & 4800mm lengths and is available as special, though please remember, lead times and minimum order quantities apply. Speak with your local Technical Representative to find out these order requirements.


Only the FAST-FIX Nogging® can be installed into a QUIET STUD® wall, using the tab and 3 screws method. It is also imperative that the Nogging is only installed onto the side of the stud adjacent to the widest element of the web as shown to prevent potential bridging of the QUIET STUD®.



To help you design and install our popular 0.55BMT QUIET STUD as well as our newly introduced 0.75BMT profile, we’ve put together the below table to show you maximum wall heights that can be achieved with each product in different applications. This includes whether the wall will be lined one side or on both sides, the required deflection limit and your nominated stud centres.


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Notes to Table:                                                                                 

  1. Deflection limited to H / 240 or H / 360 as applicable, to a maximum of 30mm at 0.25kPa, in accordance with the

BCA Specification C1.8.                                                                               

  1. Maximum wall heights refer to the structural capacity only, and may be reduced for fire rated applications.

 Refer to your plasterboard manufacturer for details.                                   

  1. Maximum heights should be referred back to Rondo when additional load is to be placed on the wall.

The above tables only include self-weight plus linings, additional loads requires separate consideration by Rondo.

  1. Lateral loadings: a. Pultimate = 0.375kPa
  2. Pservice = 0.25kPa
  3. The above details are not suitable for external applications.
  4. Walls analysed in accordance with AS/NZS4600:2005.
  5. Reducing the stud centres, and changing the gauge of the Quietstud may affect the acoustic rating of the wall.

 Refer to your plasterboard manufacturer for details.                                   

  1. BMT = Base Metal Thickness.
  2. Minimum 0.70bmt Deflection Head Track.
  3. Base track gauge may be the same as the wall stud.
  4. Noggings are not required in the above walls provided the walls are lined both sides full height.