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Is Your Steel the Real Deal?


Is your steel the real deal? With more and more light gauge steel products hitting the market in Australia, it is
important to know how to spot inferior products, especially those that are imported from overseas.

Vigilance and knowledge on how to select the right steel stud can mean the difference between a safe, profitable, quality project, and a costly project, that lacks quality and is exposed to risk.

Have you considered how your choice of steel stud affects important factors such as:

1. Site safety – Is your chosen steel stud designed with safety features that dramatically
decrease the exposure to injury?

2. Project efficiencies – Does your chosen stud have features and benefits that assist
in faster installation?

3. The workmanship of your project – When installed, do these studs stack up as a
system that your reputation can stand on?

4. Compliance to NCC – Does your steel stud comply with the NCC requirements? Is it
even tested at all?


In Edition 7 of our R-SERIES, we discuss: 

  • Common misconceptions about inferior local and imported light gauge steel products
  • How the clever design of a steel stud can make all the difference
  • A closer look at the attributes of a superior steel stud 
  • How your steel stud is affected by the National Compliance Code (NCC)
  • The real steel checklist


Download your copy of How Steel Stud Quality Affects your Construction Project Success, now via our R-SERIES library, where you can access information on various design and installation topics.