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Latitude On Leighton


Beachside living in Perth has never been so stylish since the completion of the Latitude on Leighton apartments, in North Fremantle. Designed by Mirvac Pty Ltd, the $75M Built development, which began in May 2016 and finished in March 2020, was even awarded WA’s first 4 Star Green rating for Multi-Unit Residential. Not only that, the project won Best Multi-Unit Development at the Master Builders-Bankwest Excellence inConstruction Awards. This is a great achievement, especially considering that when Rondo were approached by contractor, Metrex, to assist with Latitude’s wall and ceiling design, it was only 70% design ready leaving Rondo the task to finish the remaining 30% requirements. One example of these requirements was to have internal ceilings designed to accept internal pressures. Unfortunately, some of these ceilings had already been installed so Rondo contacted their Technical Design Engineer, Alex Lee, who travelled from Sydney head office to provide efficient onsite solutions to help overcome this challenge.

Importantly, in order to ensure the timeline wasn’t compromised Rondo created a drawdown order process for Metrex. This allowed both Rondo and Metrex to mitigate ‘out of stock’ scenarios. The drawdown was set up over stages to help guarantee the Rondo warehouse was not overstocked with product. Some other tasks Rondo gave commentary on or design solutions for are as follows:

  • Meridian Building Apt 503 2.75m (h) x 3m (w) glass partition wall
  • Ceilings and feature aluminium ceilings with internal pressures considered
  • H535 Top Hat detail for 6mm Fibrous Cement Strip (External)
  • Bulkhead with LED Light - Building B
  • Opening to support 100kg window
  • Recessed linear bar grille bulkhead
  • Rondo framing FC/CFC to external louvres
  • Shelf loads
  • Shower screens
  • Spandrel Panel
  • Trespa panel external soffits
  • Vanities

In addition, regular site visits were conducted to ensure the 30% design requirements were met. Simply stated, Latitude on Leighton is not only in a great location, it is also well built and incorporates state of the art technologies, which minimise environmental impact. Can’t ask for much more than that!