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CPD: Lightweight steel in external wall framing applications

Learn what can be achieved when using lightweight steel in external wall framing applications and earn formal CPD Points at the same time.

We’ve developed an informative, CPD Presentation on ‘External Non-Load Bearing Wall and Façade Framing Systems’ that has been designed to enhance your professional knowledge and personal skills.

Our External Non-Load Bearing Wall and Facade Framing Systems CPD Presentation covers the following learning outcomes;

  • What is an External Non-Load Bearing Wall Framing System?
  • What are the applications in which it can be used?
  • Advantages of lightweight steel in external façade applications
  • Design considerations for external wall framing
  • Regional zones that the building is located and impact of wind loads
  • How wind behaves in the different terrain categories
  • Impact of wind on corner zones and openings
  • Cladding types and deflection limits
  • How major projects use External Wall Framing to achieve design intent

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Project Case Studies

During the CPD Presentation, we’ll take you through two major projects, explain the briefs given, and detail how the system solved complex technical designs and provided onsite efficiencies.

The project case studies are The William Apartments in Melbourne, and The Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Queensland. Both projects benefited from the use of lightweight steel in the construction of external wall framing. This includes faster installations, greater wall heights, ability to meet wind load requirements, as well as the all-important project cost savings.

CPD Accreditation

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Our CPD Presentation has been accredited by both Architectural Informational Services and the Australian Institute of Architects for inclusion in their Refuel CPD Provider Network.

The presentation is 1 hour in length and on completion you will be provided with a Rondo Certificate of Achievement that includes acknowledgements from both AIS and AIA.

‘The External Non-Load Bearing Wall and Façade Framing System’ is the first CPD Presentation of its kind to be released by Rondo, and more will be made available over time.

If you’d like to attend this CPD Presentation, click here to register your interest and a Rondo Representative will get back to you and dates and a time.


  • Architects wanting to expand their design skills and understand practical methods for external facades and the use of light weight steel
  • Architects requiring formal CPD Points
  • Architects in regions where it’s not compulsory but are looking for design solutions that offer project efficiencies