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MAXIframe Bracket Modified


The new 202 bracket design means one fixing flange is visible and the other invisible. Once the bracket is installed against the web of the MAXIjamb® using 4/#10 wafer head tek screws, the MAXIjamb® section has to be ‘rolled’ into place as illustrated.

The exposed flange has two pre-drilled holes for fixing to the MAXIjamb®, whilst the flange that is now inside the MAXIjamb® should be secured by fixing the screws through the top, 25mm in from the inside jamb face and 25mm from the outer edge of the section. 

This new bracket is fixed to the MAXIjamb® with the shorter internal flange facing the opening. For example: when securing the sill member the short flange faces up and when securing the header, it faces down. (For your convenience, the Rondo 202 Sill/Header Bracket is stamped accordingly on its inner face.)
Once finally secured into place, the outer face of the 202 Sill/Header Bracket will align neatly with the face of the MAXIjamb® section, both internally and externally.