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Mixing of Systems


A concerning example is the Rondo 121 Rod (5mm galvanised) used in ceilings. Unfortunately, there have been cases where substitute rod has been used and caused the ceiling to fail. 

Customers should be aware that there are many imported and local varieties of rod which may look the same, but have slight differences in the composition or profile. For example, a slight change of the steel composition can affect the softness of the steel, and the ability for adjustable clips to grip the rod.

Rondo tests all of its systems to perform to our exact specifications. For optimum performance and safety, and to ensure you are warranted for your job, only use Rondo products in your system.

To ensure you are using Rondo 121 Rod and covered by the Rondo Warranty, only accept rod which is marked with this Onesteel logo (see image below).


For more information on mixing of systems, speak with your local Technical Sales Representative
by calling 1300 36 7663.