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Our new innovative delivery service that you'll really appreciate


At Rondo, we’re always on the look-out for additional services we can offer our Rondo Network Partners.

Introducing our new transport management software that promises to give you peace of mind through new GPS Tracking of all Rondo distribution vehicles…providing us with full traceability of all of our deliveries. This innovative solution will help you keep track of your material from the moment your order is placed, right through to delivery of your products.

Plus, if your mobile is set up in our system, you will be alerted via SMS when your order is within a five-minute radius of your drop off location so that means no more clock watching, wondering when your materials will arrive. Consequently, your time can be better spent concentrating on other time sensitive requirements and be available only when you need to be. Now, that’s efficient.

What’s more, you will also benefit from having all your delivery dockets in electronic format with our new sign-on glass technology via a tablet that instantly records delivery acceptance and automatically sends all parties PODS to their nominated email – making the entire process paperless and environmentally friendly. Consequently, you will find less discrepancies and no longer need to worry about trying to find paper trails whenever you need a reference for a delivery. Delivery drivers also have the ability to forward the POD to other email addresses, on the spot which is especially helpful for site deliveries accepted by a third party.  

Similarly, have you ever had the situation when you step away for a short amount of time and miss that delivery you have been waiting for all day?

Well, Rondo have thought of that too - if you miss a delivery and are not available to sign for goods, providing you agree, drivers can take photos of delivered cargo as proof of delivery and you will receive an email and/or SMS of the exact GPS location of your goods and the image, all date stamped in real time.

Leading to faster delivery resolutions, which will hopefully prevent any unnecessary stress or loss of delivery, therefore keeping your reputation intact.

All in all, ensuring everyone has a good day at work.