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When you see this sign, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a trusted partner of Rondo. Someone with the knowledge and expertise you need to help you choose the right wall or ceiling system for your project.

Best of all, you get the peace of mind that comes with every Rondo product – you will know it is 100% Code Compliant and backed by our written warranty.

And with over 450 Rondo Network Partners located across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East, you’ll never have a problem sourcing the wall and ceiling systems you need to get the job done.


To offer you exceptional customer service as a Rondo customer, we partner with the best resellers and fully equip them with the right level of support they need.

If you’re buying from a reseller in our Rondo Partner Network you can be sure that we’re right behind them, helping them service your needs. Whether its ensuring they have the right stock available, offering technical assistance to solve complex designs, or providing training to their staff so that they can confidently answer your questions, we do it all.


We know that delivery of products, being in full and time, is extremely important to you. That's why we send regular, overnight trucks to each of our Rondo regions. This allows us to get products to each Rondo Distribution Warehouse quickly, and together with local transport, we can provide our Rondo Partner Network with a reliable and efficient delivery service that they, as well as you, can count on.



To have the confidently to offer technical solutions using Rondo Concealed or Exposed Ceiling Systems, Stud and Track Wall Framing, finishing beads, access panels, plus many more; it’s important that our Rondo Partner Network  have the right knowledge about Rondo products and which system will meet your needs.

To do this, we introduced Rondo SKILLS Product Training which includes an online beginner module called Rondo Learning Online and it covers our main systems, such as KEY-LOCK Concealed Ceiling System, DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System, Steel Stud and Track Drywall Framing System, EXANGLE Finishing Sections and PANTHER Access Panels.

Our SKILLS 2 Product Training sessions are aimed at the intermediate level and again cover our most popular wall and ceiling systems, finishing beads and access panels, but in this session participants also install the systems themselves with the same tools Contractors use on site. They also learn some of the common terminology used by customers and how to square a room etc.

SKILLS 3 Product Training is theory based for those requiring an advanced knowledge of our wall and ceiling systems, such as your Sales Representative at your Rondo Partner Network store. We show how to read and understand span and load tables for our ceiling systems and wall height tables for installation of our Steel Stud Wall Framing System. We also cover more complex designs such as those using our MAXIframe External Wall Framing System and Seismic Wall and Ceiling Systems.

Offering this training ensures we’re preparing our Rondo Partner Network with the confidence and knowledge to handle your technical enquiries.


Of course, if more assistance is needed to handle a technical enquiry, we have a team of Technical Representative and Engineers that support our Partner Network and who can be called on to provide you with the expert design advice you need.

Our Technical Teams help with wall and ceiling designs at all stages of construction; from the beginning concepts of a project, all the way through to its completion.



Our Rondo Partner Network are kitted out with product sample displays so that you can see the actual Rondo products and to help you with referencing our part numbers.

We also develop market-leading technical literature and resources that you can pick up from a Rondo Partner Network store. Our go-to resources include Tech Briefs on our latest product releases and Installation Guides for our most popular wall framing and ceiling systems, well as finishing beads and access panels which suit most applications. These are available in both English and Chinese.

Contractors who require more complex information for designs such as fire-rated, acoustic and seismic systems, we have the Rondo Professional Manual and hard copies are made available instore.



We give our Rondo Partner Network confidence in knowing that every Rondo product they sell is 100% Code Compliant and we back our claims with a Written Warranty. We go to great lengths to ensure we have a trusted and reputable brand that they can rely on, and you can too.

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