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Seismic Design For State Of The Art Hospital


Situated in the picturesque west coast of New Zealand, Taranaki Base Hospital is currently home to an $80 million after its completion in 2013. The hospital aspires to provide patients with a place of sanctuary and rest whilst providing the best care possible with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Rondo’s 92mm Steel Stud and Track system was selected for all internal works as it best meets all the requirements implemented by Warren and Mahoney, lead architects for this project. Factors such as spans, acoustics, loads, future proofing and supply were all considered during the initial design period. The Rondo KEY-LOCK® Suspended Ceiling System is used throughout the project and the exterior wall framing will be utilising Rondo 150mm Steel Stud and Track Curtain Wall System. This track will feature a specially designed Slip Joint to counteract the seismic (earthquake) loads that the wall is susceptible to due to the region in which the hospital is being built.

Currently, the New Zealand market generally specifies timber walls for all major commercial projects, with a small minority of major projects using steel stud for internal walls only. Project Maunga: New Plymouth hospital was no exception; this project was designed and specified using timber for all internal and external wall framing. In a key presentation to the Taranaki Health Board, Rondo in conjunction with Fletcher Building and Construction and Alpha Interiors were able to demonstrate the benefits of using Rondo Steel Stud, to their success. 

“Rondo has provided a wealth of design and technical support to the project. From inception of the value engineering proposal, Rondo have taken on board concerns from the contractor, client and end user, understood the initial design intent and provided the respective solutions to deliver a successful outcome for the project” explains Graham Snashall from Alpha Interiors Hamilton.

Slated for completion in June 2013, the hospital will include six new surgical theatres, ambulatory elective surgery and procedure services, pediatrics and new inpatient ward block. The hospital will cater to the diverse culture that surrounds the region, and ensure plenty of space and comfort is provided not only for patients but for family, caregivers and staff alike.