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The latest expansion of the next city business district


Designed to accommodate the visions of a growing city - the development of Parramatta Square is the obvious response to Sydney’s urban sprawl and the decentralisation of Sydney’s CBD. Parramatta, Sydney’s second CBD has gained an immense amount of commerce and culture with the Parramatta Square development. Proudly, Rondo provided a range of market leading wall and ceiling systems for both buildings 3 and 4. Our KEYLOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System and Steel Stud and Track Wall Framing System were used for the internal fit out, completed by AUSTRAL Interiors. SMTM Projects used our 1.15 BMT Stud and Track with TOP HATS. Additionally, AKM Projects used our Top Hats with Top Hat Cleats. Built, the builder, was awarded both 3 & 4 Parramatta Square working alongside contractors Austral Interiors, SMTM Projects and AKM Projects. Collectively the builder and contractors delivered state of the art commercial towers to ensure an authentic sense of place, connection and liveability in the heart of Parramatta City. Throughout the project our technical engineering team and onsite Rondo representative helped overcome various design and construct problems. Our technical team also aided SMTM and AKM Projects with their designs for both seismic and wind solutions, for both the 40-storey building 4 and 16 storey building 3.

The project required soffit and cladding designs, our Rondo representative enjoyed working on these designs and said they were a highlight within the project. The inspiring Architecture visioned by Architect Johnson Pilton Walker, shaped areas for open public spaces, catering for existing transport services. The development also consisted of new retail and commercial spaces forming one part of the largest urban renewal project in Australia. The connection to the existing Church Street Mall, the high ceilings, impeccable quality of craftsmanship from the builder and contractors will result in a stunning addition to Sydney’s 2nd CBD. 4 Parramatta Square provides 70,000m2 of A-Grade commercial space, 4,000m2 of retail space (over multiple podium levels) and over 3,000m2 of public domain space. 3 Parramatta Square comprises of an impressive ground floor podium with 412 m2 of prime retail space, 43,000m2 of A-Grade office space, 3 basement parking levels, and a mezzanine level. Austral Interiors has been a customer of Rondo for over 10 years, they continuously support us due to our relationship, technical support and market leading product quality. Rondo enjoyed working on this project and providing solutions for design and construct issues.