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The Podiums


Things are really happening in Brisbane. And one of those things is the development at 300 George Street known as The Podiums. Set on the old law courts site in Brisbane’s CBD, the $800m Multiplex development is 13,804m2 in size, split over three levels. Beginning works in August 2015, Rondo have been heavily involved in the construction, side by side with Contractor, Superior Walls & Ceilings.

Completed in June, the project has three levels that incorporate restaurants, cafes, bars, a supermarket, amphitheatre, luxury high-end flagship stores, master ballroom and viewing platforms, as well as the six-star W-hotel that has just been completed on top of the Level 3 podium. Superior were responsible for arranging the external and internal partitions, feature ceilings and bulkheads and worked together with Rondo to achieve the desired result.

The feature ceilings and bulkheads were extremely detailed. Superior and Rondo had to put their heads together and use all their knowledge and experience to overcome some challenging hurdles. For instance, Superior faced the challenge of creating curved detailed bulkheads and feature ceilings. However, with Rondo’s help using a hybrid of the Rondo KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System and Stud & Track Wall Framing System, they managed to create a great outcome.

At the same time, the end of the Podium stage does not mean the end of Rondo’s involvement. With construction already beginning on the 81-storey residential tower and 39 storey commercial tower, Rondo will continue to supply the remainder of the project through Wadsworth Construction. Not only that, but at the QLD AWCI Awards in July, Superior won best overall project for 300 George Street for the W-hotel lobbies – a testament to the design and teamwork between Superior Walls & Ceilings and Rondo. When the entire development (designed by Architectural firm, DBI Design) is complete, it will have endured four stages:

1.The Podiums
2.The “W” hotel on top of The Podiums
3.The commercial office tower next to the W hotel
4.84-story residential tower