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Want to bead like a boss and save money while you’re at it?


Introducing Rondo’s new Reveal Bead length and widths

Today, more than ever, time is scarce and every minute saved is a minute gained.

With this in mind, Rondo made the decision to adjust the length of our current 3600mm length Reveal Bead to a new length of 3700mm, as well as changing our 3000mm to 3100mm.

Making installation just that little bit easier and more efficient.

We understand that due to the glazing sizes, it is no longer economical to have beads at the previous lengths, as it often doesn’t allow for edges to be trimmed when installing.

Our longer bead will now allow for this, meaning less wastage on site, offering contractors the added flexibility to manipulate the 3100mm and 3700mm lengths to suit the aesthetics and measurements of the design.

This extra 100mm length will come at no extra cost to you and will mean less fiddling with cutting and resizing as well as a reduction in product wastage all equating to saved time and money for you.

And if you aren’t familiar with our reveal beads, why not??

Here are the top 3 Rondo reveal bead benefits:

  1. They aren’t precious – our reveal beads are quick and easy to install, can be cut by hand with sharp shears or a drop saw, therefore requiring no specialist cutting product.
  2. Tough as nails – cold rolled from 0.9mm Zincanneal steel. Our beads are made strong and able to withstand harsh UV rays without cracking or breaking down. So, you have peace of mind knowing you can rely on our product to do its job well into the future.
  3. Thick as thieves – the 0.9mm thickness offers inherent stability around window openings that require internal trimming. This means the beads can be seamlessly integrated into the internal wall lining then painted along with the wall lining.

Want even more? Our Rondo Reveal Beads offer a strong, straight and clean finish meaning less chance of unforeseen gaps. That’s less gap filling, less mistakes and less time wasted, leaving you time to do what you do best.

Not only that, we have now added even more sizes to provide a more comprehensive selection within our range. These include: 30, 40 and 45mm widths that will be available in 3100 and 3700mm lengths.


For more information on our reveal beads click here to read more or download our Professional Manual

P.S. Remember, our beads are also Australian made so you can be sure of the strict quality and environmental control requirements that are expected from Australian sourced steel.