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When you need to frame a Bulkhead, we have the solution


The construction of box type bulkheads to conceal services can be designed into a wall or ceiling, and are sometimes found necessary on site because;

1. An architectural feature requires the ceiling level to step up or down, with the bulkhead becoming an integral part of a feature ceiling design. 
2. Unavoidable situations have presented themselves and some pipework or a re-routed duct requires concealing. 

Bulkheads can be lined with simple flush plasterboard, constructed from acoustic ceiling panels or even clad with materials from timber panelling to figured marble. 

So, where does Rondo come in?
You can’t normally line a bulkhead or indeed support it structurally without a support framework of some kind, and that’s where we come in.A simple change in the level of a plasterboard ceiling can be accommodated by using the same Rondo KEY-LOCK® Concealed Framing components that have been used to construct the adjacent ceiling.

Rondo KEY-LOCK® Bulkhead System

The Rondo KEY-LOCK® Bulkhead System allows easy, economical and true bulkhead corner finishes to be achieved by using furring channel along with concealed support clips and fixings.The KEY-LOCK® Bulkhead System offers alternatives for non-fire-rated applications, but it is important to note that the maximum drop of bulkheads is not to exceed 1200mm, unless appropriately designed otherwise.

Rondo DUO® Bulkhead System

Even a drop-in exposed grid ceiling system can be adapted to work vertically with a variety of bulkhead components and trims, such as our DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System. The Rondo DUO® Bulkhead System uses standard Main Tee along with DUO 5 Bulkhead Trim and support clips.

Bulkhead-Ceiling-3Rondo Steel Stud & Track Bulkhead System

As we mentioned earlier some bulkheads might be lined with heavy materials which will require the supporting framing to be braced off of the building structure and in that case, Rondo Steel Stud and Track is often the only way to go. In such cases, it is very important to build a structure  that is safe and if you don’t have an on-site structural engineer to provide a design for you then get in touch with us and we'll assist.

Rondo has even adapted its MAXIframe system to support bulkheads in critical areas where accommodation of high dead loads and wind loads are necessary.


Whatever it is, we have the answer, so feel free to contact us today or find your nearest Distributor within our Rondo Partner Network who can supply you with all your product needs.