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WHI Suspension Rod Hanger Acoustic Isolators


On the back of our extensive acoustic testing program which resulted in the release of our Acoustic Systems Manual in September 2015, we've now introduced two new Acoustic Hanger Isolators to better accommodate lighter weight ceiling systems, and therefore, superseding two of our original units.

Our new range of isolators are better able to provide the all-important Impact Sound Insulation of areas beneath trafficable floors by offering acoustic and vibration separation between the ceiling system and the supporting structure.

In order of ceiling self-weight (lighter to heavier) the Blue, Pink and Green mounts will offer efficiencies with ceilings ranging from mineral fibre exposed grid systems (WHIB), to plasterboard tiles in exposed grid or in single layer plasterboard concealed grid systems (WHIP), right through to multiple layer plasterboard ceilings (WHIG).

The Rondo WHI Acoustic Isolators can be used with our KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System and DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System as an effective way to reduce sound transmission through a suspended ceiling, acting as a simple buffer from the noise above. WHI3

It should of course not be overlooked that the grade of plasterboard and insulation specified will provide a significant impact upon the overall performance of a ceiling and both plasterboard and insulation manufacturers must be consulted with that in mind.

Also important when impact sound resistance is being considered is the treatment to the floor above. Often this element is overlooked resulting in relevant building code requirements unable to be met without costly and unnecessary over specifying of multiple layers of plasterboard and heavier insulation for the ceiling when acoustic treatment of the floor above can be simple and an effective contributor to a solution.  

We also nominate two alternative hanger set outs which refer to the spacing between the hangers and the spacing between the components being suspended i.e.: eith Rondo TCR (Top Cross Rail) or DUO® 1 Main Tee.

We therefore provide what are in effect minimum and maximum overall ceiling weight load figures which can be applied to the isolator for it to be effective acoustically.

Download Tech Brief 86 here.

The 'ultimate' structural or mechanical capacity of the isolator element is another issue entirely. The relevant Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2785 requires a minimum capacity of 50kgs per hanger element, and our WHI Isolator has been tested and the product meets and exceeds that standard.

*But remember, that should not be the sole criteria against which these Acoustic Mounts are specified*

The three Rondo WHI units are now readily available in packs of 100 units and pricing is available from our latest April 2016 Price Book.

For more information, see our Acoustic Systems page or send us a Technical Enquiry.

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