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Rondo partnered with contractors ‘Sydney Projects’ once again, along with architects ‘The Buchan Group – Sydney’ to develop and execute the proposal for this project which involved the re-development of the retail arcade through the ground floor level, along with the eastern portion of the casino to contain additional commercial/tourist facilities, external works to the existing tower building along with landscaping and public domain works.

For the curved wall feature in the foyer, Rondo provided technical assistance by designing a unique support frame that was shaped by using the existing substructure to produce a curved detailing at the base of the grand staircase. Additionally, Rondo designed the specifications for larger bulkheads, structural walls supporting masonry and retail isolated bulkheads – all to achieve the original desired result of a unique curved structure.

Mainly utilising Rondo Steel Stud and Track, KEY-LOCK®, PANTHER® Access Panels and the associated accessories in the gaming areas, bus/valet area and arcade retail area, Rondo still continue to provide assistance onsite weekly along with frequent contact to the in-house technical team.''Our aim is that The Star becomes Sydney's main entertainment precinct,'' the casino's chief executive, Larry Mullin, said.

The $850 million redevelopment’s welcomes 12 floors of a luxury second hotel - Sydney's first five-star since the Olympics - with the top two floors dedicated to those who like to travel in style, they will fly to Sydney aboard private jets the casino plans to buy, the accommodation suites are bigger than most city apartments and will have their own butler and other specialist services.

The old ballroom is being converted into a new entertainment centre, with seating ranging from 1500 for banquets to 3000 for concerts, and 4000 with some standing, can sit atop the complex. It will weigh the equivalent of a 15-storey office tower, requiring strengthening of the old casino foundations.Along with many new restaurants, function areas, retail outlets, vehicle drop-off zones ,extended stair-ways and pedestrian entries , there is no doubt that the casino will take on a life of its own and truly resemble it’s given name, and become The Star of Sydney City.