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Important Myths On Tall Buildings You Must Not Miss


In our experience, which is over 50 years as a business, noise issues in tall buildings have never really been an issue of significance. However, more recently, we have become aware of noise issues in some tall buildings and have heard, seen and read quite a few comments and publications around this phenomenon – most of which we do not agree with based on our extensive research into this phenomenon.

Here a few myths we would like to debunk before proceeding:

  • Only metal framed systems make noise?

Not true, we have visited a building which had a timber wall installed for comparative purposes only to find the same problem still existed.

  • All building noise is coming from the steel framed systems?

Not true, only a relatively small proportion of the overall building noise, is emanating from the steel framed systems.

  • I need a complicated solution to fix this problem?

Not true, as part of our research program we demolished and rebuilt a significant proportion of a problematic apartment using conventional products and have not had one complaint from the tenant since, which is more than 18 months - refer to page 14 of our Design and Installation of Walls & Ceilings in Tall Buildings Manual

  • All tall buildings experience noise issues?

Not true, we have been involved with the design and supply of tall building fitouts for decades now and have only had noise issues in a couple of tall buildings, all of which were apartment buildings.

We have never had one complaint of a noise problem from a high-rise hotel or commercial building. The usage, construction and fitout of these buildings is significantly different to an apartment building which is why we believe they do not have a noise problem.

  • It is possible for a Steel Stud Wall System to eliminate all building noise?

Not true, we have spent years researching and observing noise in tall buildings, and our findings conclude that specific installation details for the Rondo wall and ceiling systems will help reduce noise associated with these systems. No wall or ceiling system can eliminate all building noise. This is because tall buildings also generate noises related to the façade and installation of services.

Since our research project began in September 2017 at the Swinburne University, we have completed over 235 individual tests with configurations that considered both walls and ceilings. We were able to reproduce the same noises heard on site, and as a result, develop a good understanding of the primary causal effects of the noise.

From the laboratory, we were able to successfully rebuild an apartment using the techniques developed in the lab which allowed us to prove that real life results are possible.

Click here to download our Design and Installation of Walls & Ceilings in Tall Buildings Manual for our recommended solution to building noise.