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Our Innovative SMART-WALL System is the Solution For Many Onsite Challenges


Check out our latest video to see our SMART-WALL System go from design, manufacture, to installation on site. Whether it is supplied flat packed or prefabricated, Rondo SMART-WALL is the faster, smarter way to build.



Rondo SMART-WALL® takes steel framing to the next level.

It includes an innovative steel stud which can be adjusted to multiple heights, speeding up installation and delivering a safer site.

  • Multiple height options
  • Faster Installations
  • Reduced Labour Costs
  • Safer site
  • Less wastage & noise



By working closely with the Contractor, our engineering and drafting team based in Queensland provide two sets of plans for every SMART-WALL framing System.

  1. Floor Plans: provide the set-out of the individual wall panels and include a directional marker to show the correct orientation.
  2. Wall Panel Assembly Plans: provide the individual wall panel dimensions, assembly details and orientation of the components. For fast and easy installation, we include numbering on the plans that match the details ink-jetted on each steel section

Floor Plans and Wall Panel Assembly Plans are then checked and approved by customers prior to production to ensure they align with the final project plans.



Smart-Wall steel sections are roll-formed on our specialised machines in Yatala to form the complete system. This includes Steel Stud, Wall Tracks, Head Tracks, and Noggings.

Once produced, we complete a quality assurance check and then Smart-Wall is either flat packed or assembled by us in prefabricated frames, depending on customer needs or the projects’ requirements.



For Indigo Hotel, we supplied our SMART-WALL framing System flat packed with all components marked out.

The project is a refurbished 16-storey hotel in Brisbane where North Australian Contracting needed to install 2.9 metre walls that had wind-loading, seismic and fire-rating requirements.

As crane lifts for the wall framing were not an option and the hotel lift is only 1.9 metres high, the use of standard steel studs would have been difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

The solution is our SMART-WALL Framing System, which includes a telescopic steel stud that can easily move within itself. This meant the entire Smart-Wall System could be easily taken up via the hotels’ lift and shows one of its many advantages over standard steel stud framing systems.

The SMART-STUD innovation includes a C-Stud and R-Stud. The SMART-STUD C profile is like our traditional steel stud, except that it is proportioned to allow nesting of the SMART-STUD R profile, in a web-to-web orientation. As the Smart-Studs are nested together, they can “telescope” up or down.

This means the wall framing can be easily adjusted on-site to suit the project’s required wall height and accommodate variations in the structure.

As the Smart-Studs can be easily adjusted, it also removes the need for cutting studs to length on site – delivering a safer site with less wastage and reduced noise. Fast and easy to install, its clear to see why we’ve called it our SMART-WALL System.



We can also speed up installation of SMART-WALL further by doing more of the work for you and supplying it in prefabricated steel frames to projects located across Queensland. 

Once roll forming is complete, the prefabricated frames are assembled, and we undertake a quality assurance check before organising delivery to site.

Our prefabricated Smart-Wall frames have been supplied to many major projects. Jubilee Hotel is the perfect example of how prefabricated SMART-WALL frames can achieve complex designs and speed up installation on site.

We manufactured, assembled, and supplied Jubilee Hotel with prefabricated Smart-Wall frames for their unique soffits.

The prefabricated frames were delivered to site and lifted 19 metres above ground via a boom lift and installed into place.

Not only did the prefabricated frames speed up the installation, but they also reduced the time the Installers were required to work at heights, improving on site safety.

Whether it is supplied flat packed or prefabricated, our SMART-WALL Wall Framing System is the faster, smarter way to build.


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