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We are thrilled to announce Rondo’s recent association with The Australian Made Campaign which has allowed us to share the people, processes and values that make Rondo products proudly Australian.




At Rondo, we are committed to continuing to grow and diversify our operations across Australia, which we have proudly done for more than 56 years. We aim to preserve and strengthen Australian Manufacturing and to best serve the ever-changing needs of the Australian Building and Construction Industry.

We manufacture over 800 high-quality products in Australia, tested to Australian Standards and the National Construction Code, backed by a comprehensive warranty. We are also proud to employ over 280 Australians, which truly reflects the meaning of Australian Made.

Rondo’s primary purpose is "To provide our customers with the industry-leading systems solutions incorporating high-quality roll formed products and accessories complemented by outstanding customer service”.

This is further reflected in Rondo's Top 10 value offer, which highlights our areas of key focus and commitment.



                              Rondo’s Top 10 Value Offer

 Product Quality The quality of our products is market-leading and has been our key focus since the day we manufactured Australia’s first exposed grid and concealed grid ceiling systems.

For the last 18 years we have been asking customers to rate our product quality and year on year it has achieved an impressive satisfaction rating between 92-95%.

Customer Focus We’ve always had a strong focus on providing our customers with outstanding service.

Our business is based on building long term relationships with our customers, understanding their needs, and providing products and services to meet them.

 Project Experience We have built a reputation of trust and excellence by going to great lengths to meet customer needs and provide the expert level of technical and site support that is required on major projects.

This has given us the opportunity to be involved in Australia’s most iconic projects such as the Sydney Opera House, Q1, Eureka Tower, Parliament House, and New Royal Adelaide Hospital.


 The Rondo Warranty We guarantee that our products are made from the highest-grade quality materials, are totally code compliant, and will perform to our exacting specifications.

Every Rondo product not only meets, and often exceeds, all relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards; it also complies with all necessary Building Codes. This is the ultimate security and peace of mind that Contractors need.

 Manufacturing Capabilities Producing at our world-class facility in Sydney, our manufacturing capabilities are highly flexible, versatile, and innovative.

We can produce a vast number of products on any one machine to not only customise products to suit the individual needs of customers but also produce our standard range at fast rates.


 Masters’ of Design We guarantee that our in-house Engineers have completed the appropriate Engineering qualifications to offer design advice.

Such designs include non-standard ceiling and wall framing systems where specific wind pressure or seismic design is to be accommodated for, as well as assistance with difficult bulkhead construction or curved walls and ceilings.

 Over 50 years of Innovation After delivering Australia’s first ceiling systems, we were also the first to produce a hemmed stud profile for added strength and safer handling.

Our innovative external wall framing system provided quicker installations to traditional methods, and we were the first to present a complete seismic wall and ceiling solution to the market.


Expert Technical Support Every Rondo customer has access to the very best technical advice from our own technical sales and professional engineers, who offer a comprehensive design service to assist from beginning concepts all the way through to the building completion.

Our team of Professional Engineers are all fully qualified with a minimum bachelor’s degree in engineering so that customers can be confident in the designs Rondo provides.


Leading Environmental Performance Choosing our products can also earn our customers a green point. We’ve committed ourselves to all 10 of the environmental improvement points outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) to gain eligibility to the scheme, which means Contractors can earn one Green Point if 60% or more of the steel used in a project is supplied by Rondo.





Quality Control We have a reputation for uncompromising quality and total code compliance, and our Certification to Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001 is evidence of this.

Having a certified quality management system since 1993 has given us a competitive advantage against uncertified companies and is a clear demonstration of our commitment to quality.




To learn more about our TOP 10 Value Offer, Rondo's association with The Australian Made Campaign, or Rondo products and services please contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 367 663.