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When it comes to experience, how much does Rondo bring to the table?


At Rondo, there is no doubt that our employees are our single best asset and we would not be where we are today without their dedication in helping the business succeed.

Rondo began in 1964 with less than ten staff and today we are proud to have over 350 employees across ten locations worldwide. From the very beginning, Rondo’s founder Eric Cuckson understood the importance of staff and described Rondo as “a shining example of its staff and what team work can do”, in every aspect of its development.

Together, we are all focused on providing our customers with an outstanding service. Our business is based on building long term relationships with our customers, understanding their needs and providing products and services to meet them at a competitive price and in the most innovative way possible. 

We understand that there is nothing more important than our customers’ satisfaction; it’s one of our values and for this reason, each department within our company works tirelessly to meet or exceed customer expectations.

People and Project Experience at Rondo

Our customer service and sales teams have built strong working relationships with our customers. “We are very customer focused.  If we can do anything for our customers, we will. We try and assist our customers wherever we can, such as rushing out deliveries. Relationships are the biggest thing in this industry. This is part of our success.” Tino Cucinotta, Technical Sales Representative in Victoria.

We have always endeavoured to offer a listening ear to our customers and we formalised this process in 2002 when we commenced our annual Rondo Customer Survey. Many initiatives have been based on the feedback received from the surveys including the introduction our Distribution Guarantee, SKILLS training programs, digital applications, as well as service improvements.

Going forward, we know that our customer base is extremely diverse, and as a company collectively we will continue to service our customers, in both their standardised and customised requirements, as efficiently and effectively as possible. More importantly, we will ensure our current relationships are maintained and new lasting partnerships are formed along the way, all in ambition of being recognised as the market leader in customer service, in all of the markets in which we operate.